2012 ORDINANCES pdf file format
  • City Ordinance No. 577
    An Ordinance rationalizing aid to all component Barangays in the City of Bacolod.

  • City Ordinance No. 579
    An Ordinance amending section 1 of City Ordinance no. 405 of April 11, 2006, allocating five percent (5%) of the twenty percent (20%) development fund for the programs and projects for the benefit of senior citizens of Bacolod City.

  • City Ordinance No. 582
    An Ordinance amending sections 12, 16, 17, 18, 32, 33 of City Ordinance no. 323, series of 2002 otherwise known as the "Bacolod Investment Code of 2002".

  • City Ordinance No. 584
    An Ordinance to require fees for the issuance of a certificate of detention for inmates confined in the BJMP that operates in the City of Bacolod.

  • City Ordinance No. 585
    An Ordinance establishing a maternal and infant health home visiting program.

  • City Ordinance No. 587
    An Ordinance creating the business and sports events council of Bacolod.

  • City Ordinance No. 596

  • City Ordinance No. 597
    An Ordinance extending City Ordinance No. 541, Series of 2011, Re: Acceptance of applications for the cancellation of the original awards and the subsequent issuance of new award of market block/stalls/tables, kiosks, until October 31, 2012.

  • City Ordinance No. 598
    An Ordinance giving privilege of free parking for Senior Citizens in malls and other areas in the City of Bacolod.
    An Ordinance prohibiting the indiscriminate throwing and dumping of garbage, rubbish or any kind of waste in open or public places and mandating all residential and commercial or business establishment to clean and maintain the cleanliness of their frontage and surroundings and providing penalties thereof, repealing city ordinance no. 173, dated December 12, 1996 and city ordinance no. 251 dated March 23, 2000.

  • City Ordinance No. 599
    An Ordinance requiring all amusement and/or gaming establishments to obtain a Resolution of no objection (RONO) from the Sangguniang Panlungsod of  Bacolod before its operations within the territorial jurisdiction of Bacolod City, providing penalties for its violation and other purposes.

  • City Ordinance No. 601
    An Ordinance prescribing the calibration and sealing of dispensing pumps of liquid petroleum products retail outlets in the city of Bacolod imposing fees in the registration, sealing of dispensing pumps, providing penalties in violation thereof, and for purposes.

  • City Ordinance No. 602
    An Ordinance regulating the practice of traditional home deliveries or delivery attended by a traditional birth attendant or paltrea.

  • City Ordinance No. 603
    An Ordinance declaring the 4th week of October as Barangay week.

  • City Ordinance No. 604
    Clean river, creek, waterways and coastal ordinance of Bacolod City.

  • City Ordinance No. 605
    An Prdinance imposing fees for every streamer, tarpaulin, signage, signboard and billboard placed within the zone premises of the three (3) public markets in the City of Bacolod such as Public Central Market, North Public Market and South Public Market.

  • City Ordinance No. 607
    An Ordinance declaring the first week of the mouth of October Mryyear as ’Senior Citizens Governance Week’, providing funds therefor and for other purposes.

  • City Ordinance No. 609
    An Ordinance granting another thirty (30) days extension on the period of submission of application as provided for under section 4, of City Ordinance no. 589, series of 2012.

  • City Ordinance No. 611
    An Ordinance adopting national mapping and resource information authority (NAMRIA) technical description of the municipal waters of Bacolod City.

  • City Ordinance No. 612
    An Ordinance establishing the Bacolod community development consortium for People-Public-Private partnership.

  • City Ordinance No. 613
    An Ordinance establishing the Botika ng Bayan under the Socio-Economic enterprise unit.

  • City Ordinance No. 614
    Septage management system of Bacolod City Ordinance.

  • City Ordinance No. 615
    An Ordinance amending section 3 and section 5 of city ordinance 589, series of 2012 otherwise known as the "Public market condonation ordinance of 2012".

  • City Ordinance No. 616
    An Ordinance declaring June 12 to June 20 of every year as "Mga adlaw sang paghanduraw" (Days of reminiscence), with June 18 as the highlight day, institutionalizing certain activities and providing funds therefor.

  • City Ordinance No. 618
    An Ordinance providing for the sustainable management, conservation and development of coastal and fisheries resources of Bacolod City, Province of Negros Occidental.

  • City Ordinance No. 619
    An Ordinance amending section III of City ordinance No. 210, series of 1998, "An Ordinance establishing policies that shall govern the operation and maintenance of the Handumanan public cemetery and providing various fees and imposing penalties for violating thereof.

  • City Ordinance No. 620
    An Ordinance creating a coordinating and monitoring board to provide special protection to senior citizens or elderly person of Bacolod City against discrimination, abandonment, neglect and physical violence and imposing penalties in case of violation thereof and for other purposes.

  • City Ordinance No. 622
    An Ordinance institutionalizing a voluntary blood donation program ,  Bacolod City, and appropriating funds thereof.

  • City Ordinance No. 624
    An Ordinance amending section 2 of City ordinance No.523, series of 2010 otherwise known as an ordinance amending article VI, section 2.3 of City ordinance No. 347, series of 2003 known as an ordinance strengthening and institutionalizing the day care service and early childhood care and development (ECCD) programs and services of the City of Bacolod, and providing funds there for, and for other purposes.

  • City Ordinance No. 627
    An Ordinance amending chapter three (3), article 7, section 16 (A), (B), (D), (E01), (E02) and (F03) of city ordinance no.565, series of 2011, otherwise known as "An ordinance approving the revised local revenue code of Bacolod City".

  • City Ordinance No. 628
    An Ordinance creating the positions of two (2) AOOFTMMML Stenographic Reporter IV, grade 13, step 1 and two (2) AOOFFKMML Stenographic Reporter III, grade II, step I, under the STENOGRWMC Services Section in the Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Bacolod City, and appropriating funds thereof.

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