Bacolod City and Negros Occidental

Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental, a province once known as the country's biggest sugar producer, Iron Dinosaurs, steel dragons (steam locomotives) that proudly stand in their glorious splendor, are historical monuments reminiscent of the opulent days of bountiful sugarcane harvests in the heydays of the sugar industry. Some still ride sturdy survivors today that live to tell the tale of the once-flourishing industry.

MAMBUKAL MOUNTAIN RESORT, 31 km. east of Bacolod, is surrounded by therapeutic sulfur springs, seven waterfalls, mountain streams, lush valleys and hiking trails leading up to Mt. Kanlaon. A perfect place for eco-tourists, the resort has tourist rooms, cottages and camp grounds.

In La Carlota City is a small village located some 750 meters above sea level at the western foot of Mt. Kanlaon. Rich sugar planters have their rest houses built in this area. Near the campsite is the Guintubdan Visitors Reception Center and Garden, and cascading falls amid lush valleys. The place is also an ideal jump-off point for a trek to the summit of Mt. Kanlaon. Considered the highest peak in Central Philippines towering to a height of 2,465 meters above sea level. Kanlaon is one of the 13 most active volcanoes in the country. It covers nearly 25,000 hectares of lush tropical jungle and is home to rare flora and fauna and some migratory birds from Asia.  

Mailum, Barangay Ma-ao, Bago City.
A home to the enchanting Kipot Twin Falls, a stream separated by a sharp overhang that splits the path of water into two seemingly identical cascades.
The Kipot Summer Resort is great for family picnics and nature tripping activities. From the entrance to the falls is a good 220 steps down a winding stairways. The stairway starts from a wide downhill path to a slim alley hugging the mountain, an ideal trail for hiking. Upon reaching the falls, one forgets tired limbs from the long trek because of the magnificent beauty and soothing effect of the cascades.

Bonista Beach Resort,
Escalante, Negros Occidental