Republika ng Pilipinas
Tanggapan ng Sangguniang Panlungsod
Lungsod ng Bakolod
November 11, 2011

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Article 1  
Title, Scope and Definition of Terms
Article 2
Rules of Construction
Article 3
Levies and Real Property
Article 4
Rate of Levy
Article 5
Special Levies on Real Property
Article 6
Collection of Real Property Tax
Article 7
Imposition and Time Payment
Article 8
Situs of Tax
Article 9
Voluntary Closure of Business
Article 10
Tax on Transfer of Real Property Ownership
Article 11
Tax on Business of Printing and Publication
Article 12
Franchise Tax
Article 13
Tax on Quarry Resources
Article 14
Amusement Tax on Admission Fees
Article 15
Professional Tax
Article 16
Annual Fixed Tax on Delivery and Service Motor Vehicle
Article 17
Community Tax
Article 18
Tax on Transportation Business
Article 19
Fees for Sealing and Licensing of Weights and Measures
Article 20
Mayor’s Permit Fees and Business
Article 21
Special Permit To Sell/Serve Liquor
Article 22
Special Permit to Sell Tobacco and/or Cigarettes
Article 23
Building and Other Construction Permit Fees
Article 24
Fees for the Reproduction of CPDO Documents
Article 25
Sanitary Inspection and Health Certificate Fees
Article 26
Police Clearance Fees
Article 27
Processing Fees for Subdivision and Condominium Projects/Activities
Article 28
Zoning and/or Locational Clearance Fees
Article 29
Excavation Permit Fees (Roads and Waterworks)
Article 30
Civil Registry Fees
Article 31
Cemetery Fees
Article 32
Secretary’s Fees
Article 33
Mayor’s Permit Fees for Signs, Signboards, Billboards and Advertisements
Article 34
Special Permit Fees for the Operation of Cockpits
Article 35
Permit Fees for Firing Range
Article 36
Special Permit Fees for Cold Storage And Ice Plants
Article 37
Special Permit Fees for Lumber Yards
Article 38
 Special Permit Fees for Storage and Sale of Flammable, Combustible, or Solid Substances
Article 39
Tourism Fees
Article 40
Fire Inspection Fees
Article 41
Emission Test Fee
Article 42
Other Regulatory Fees
Article 43
Fees for Bidding Documents
Article 44
Fees for Services Rendered by the Assessor’s Office
Article 45
Registration and Transfer fees on Large Cattle
Article 46
Pay-Parking Charges
Article 47
Stalled Vehicle Towing Charge
Article 48
Fishing Vessels
Article 49
Fees for the Use of Government Facilities
Article 50
Tricycle Regulatory Fees
Article 51
Garbage Service Charge
Article 52
General Provisions
Article 53
Remittance and Management of City Share
Article 54
Collection and Accounting of City Revenues
Article 55
Civil Remedies for Collection of Revenue
Article 56
Miscellaneous Provisions
Article 57
General Provisions Bacolod City Government Center, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City, Philippines 6100