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Executive Assistants with their Respective Cluster

  Cluster on Finance and Business
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant III Eduardo H. Ravena
  1. City Budget Office
  2. City Accounting Office
  3. City Treasurer's Office
  4. City Assessor's Office
  5. City Planning and Development Office
  6. City Permits and Licensing Division
  7. Management Information Technology and Computer Services
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant II Benjamin D. Torre
  1. City Tourism Services
  2. Office of Youth and Sports Development
  3. Overseas Filipino Workers
  Cluster on Social Services and Barangay Affairs
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant IV Butch S. Soliguen
  1. Department of Social Services and Development
  2. City Health Office
  3. Urban Basic Services
  4. PAAD
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant II Sammy V. Montoyo
  1. City Population Office
  2. City Civil Registry
  3. Bacolod Boys Home
  4. Social Development Center
  Cluster on Sectoral Concerns
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant II Ernesto N. Pineda
  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Bacolod Housing Authority
       Informal Settlers
  3. Market Vendors
  4. Drivers (PUJ, Taxi, Trisikad and Tricyle)
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant I Atty. Vicente P. Petierre
  1. Senior Citizens
  Cluster on Employment, Livelihood and Scholarship
  Coordinator: Mr. Anjo Ayco
  1. Public Employment Services Office
  2. Cooperative and Livelihood Development Office
  Cluster on Infrastructure, Solid Waste Management and Environment
  Coordinator: Engr. Amy G. Tentia
  1. City Engineer's Office
  2. BCGC Building
  Coordinator: Mr. Nelson M. Sedillo
  1. Department of Public Services
  2. ENRO
  3. Solid Waste Management Council
  Cluster on Peace and Order, Police Matters, Traffic and
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant III Ret. Senior Superintendent Celestino B. Guara
  1. TMU
  2. Bacolod Police Office
  3. BJMP
  4. Bacolod Fire Office
  5. POSO
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant I Ret. Superintendent Armando R. Tobongbanua
  1. BTAO
  Cluster on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant II Jose Maria B. Vargas
  1. City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office
  2. City Risk Reduction Management Council and All Member Offices and
  Cluster on Education and the General Services Office
  Coordinator: Executive Assistant I Moises G. De La Cruz
  1. Bacolod City College
  2. City Library
  3. City Public Schools
  4. General Services Office
  Executive Assistants with Special Assignments
  1. Executive Assistants II Sammy V. Montoyo-
        Public Utilities (CENECO & BACIWA)
  2. Executive Assistant I Atty. Vanessa O. Encabo - City Legal Office
  3. Executive Assistant I Rodel Parcon - Office of the City Adminstrator
  4. Executive Assistant I Marivic P. Canada - Administrative Office, CMO
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