Punong Barangay :
Valenzuela, Diosdado A.

Cadagat, Ben
Cuaycong, Thea
Tingson, Jerry
Hofilena, Jessie
Melgar, Catherine
Moncera, Sergio Jr
Pineda, Nelson
Contact Numbers: 
434-7608; 707-2196

Population - 18,691
Land Area - 1082.3512 has.
No. of Puroks - 20
No. of Day Care Centers - 6

Volunteer doctors conducted "Operation Tuli" as part of their barangay health program. 

    Barangay Estefania before and until now is widely known for its large tracts of agricultural lands, more commonly called haciendas, owned by prominent families known for their benevolent in donating some of their properties for social and charitable purposes. These families include, among others, the Maravilla and Gonzaga clans. Estefania Maravilla, considerd the matriarch of the Maravilla family was a spinster and Roman, his nephew, was fortunate to inherit all her properties after her death.
     When communities were organized to become barrios the name Estefania came in handy and the birth or Barrio Esrtifania came  in to being. Said name was found further social acceptance when Roman Maravilla donated portion of his property for the establishment of the Estefania,Elem. School.
     During the Marcos cra, when barangay were organized, Barrio Estefania became Barangay Estefania as it is now.

Date chartered: May 1, 1962 
Bacolod City Ordinances No. 109
Series of 1962

Land Area - 1,082.3512 hectares/10,823,512 sq. m.
Topogaphy  - Relatively plain w/ Cabacuan and Ngalan River passing along the Brgy.


 North  Municipality of Talisay
 Northwest  Barangay Bata
 West  Barangay Mandalagan
 Southwest  Barangay Villamonte
 South  Barangay Vista Alegre
 East  Barangay Granada

Land Area Distribution

 Residents  50%
 Agricultural  40%
 Others  10%

    Constraints and Limitations
     The population cencus of the national statistic office (NSO) in 1995 revealed that the population was 15,719 W/ annual growth rate of 1.88%, it can be concluded to be now approximately 17,000. However, the same does not include the areas located in the northern portion of Barangay Estefania w/c includes, among others, La Harencia Subd. Troso and other injoining area
    The POPCOM survey is the basic of this population profile. However, the same is limited and in incomplete due to the following reason.

  1. La herencia Subd. Troso anad other joining areas in the northern portion of the barangay was not reached by the survey.

  2. some families refused to be interviewed due to obvious reason and other most specially those in private subdivision. Were no reached by the survey as they were out during its conduct.

  3. The newly transferred families in Tierra Minerva Subd. And the newly relocated families In the Fotune Towne Relocation Project were not included in the survey.

Total Population 15,719
         Male 4,643
         Female 4,648
Total No. Of Houses 1,960
Total No. Of Families 2,129
Average Family Size 4
Average Household Size 4
Population Density 9 Persons/ha
Sex Ratio (Total male popín/Total femalepopín) 100 (1,643/4,648) x 100=99.90%,W/r means that there are 100 males for every 100 females.

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21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41,
Alangilan, Alijis, Banago, Bata, Cabug, Estefania, Felisa, Granada,
Handumanan, Mandalagan, Mansilingan, Montevista, Pahanocoy,
Punta-taytay, Singcang-Airport, Sum-ag, Taculing,
Tangub, Villamonte, Vista Alegre