Punong Barangay :
Runelo, Bautista Cervales

Lindog, Alan
Villacrucis, Perla
Carabelle, Ernesto
Mediz, Agustine
Padilla, Regina
Sepida, Mildred
Fernandez, Remus

Population - 558
Land Area - 7.3396 has.
No. of Puroks -3
No. of Day Care Center/s -1

To generate more revenues and provide more livelihood opportunities, residents attended the training and workshop in candle making.

     Barangay 11 is one of the forty one barangays which was created by virtue of Presidential Decree, by then, President Marcos in 1973. Its progenitor was the infamous citizen's assembly.
     Barangay 11 is the seat of the San Sebastian Cathedral. Under the able and pro-active leadership of Hon. Ares Raul Dueñas Punong Barangay a neophyte in Politics (1997) and through a collaborative efforts of the Members of the Barangay Council as well as with the support of its constituents in the community, Barangay 11 was branded as the "Cathedral of Faith" in the City of Bacolod in 1999.
     Barangay 11 was awarded 3 prize as the cleanest Barangay in 1999. The Barangay was also cited for its participation in the MassKara Street Dance Compeittion in 2001.
     It is a mainland barangay within the heart of the city.

     Barangay 11 is situated within the heart of the city. It is bounded on the North by Burgos St., Brgy. 9; on the East, by Locsin St., Brgy. 21; on the Southeast by Rizal St.; and on the West, by San Juan - Galo St., Brgy. 12 and Gatuslao - Galo St.
     Barangay 11 landmark is the Bacolod San Sebastian Cathedral and the La Consolacion College.
     Barangay 11 has a total land area of 60,796.57 sq. meters and is composed of three (3) Puroks namely:
  1. Purok Cadena de Amor
  2. Purok Dama de Noche
  3. Purok Lunok
     Barangay 11 is ideally located on a level area, this is a mainland barangay within the heart of the city. Five percent (5%) is Residential Area; Ninety percent (90%) is Commercial Area and Five percent (5%) is Private vacant lots.

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