Punong Barangay:
De la Vega, Deogracias

Iginalga, Roberto
Lampinez, Jose Lizael
Ferrer, Jerry
Dunlao, Joemarie
Celestial, Samuel
Dujenio, Faustino Jr
Katalbas, Elizabeth
Contact Numbers: 
434-3337; 709-3271

In action are the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (JBLCF) students at Barangay Alijis during the Clean-up Drive against Dengue Campaign.

     Now, as envisioned and predicted, by Barangay council before the year 2010, based on its continued “Loops and bounds” progress, Barangay Alijis soon, will survey be on its highest peak development providing job opportunities to its residents.
     It will be then, during this time, that Alijis will be leader in the field of commerce and Industry, most specially so, when Alijis Food Terminal and Barangay Market, will be in full swing operations.
     Meanwhile, the construction of the southbound Buses Terminal, have just barely started, which is, situated adjacent to the alijis Food Terminal and Barangay Market. The completion and operation of this buses terminal later, will greatly enhance and further boosts, the economic and revenue resource of the barangay which will redound to the fulfillment of the dreams, aspiration and goals of the barangay council, which aims to bequeath a legacy to its constituents today, and for a generation tomorrow.

     Sometimes in year 1962 when the Honorable City Mayor transmitted his first endorsement to the City Council of Bacolod a map prepared by the City Engineers which contains and indicate therein the different boundaries of the proposed Barrios, it was then that ORDINANCE NO. 116, series of 1962 was approved.
     In 1995, Barangay Alijis started to boost up its name from the rest of the Barangays in the City because of its landmark, the St. Jude Thaddeus Shrine. The invincible Barangay Captain Hon. Pepito T. Malapitan from 1994 until the present , recognizes it as "THE SHRINE OF HOPE" because of its full support to the development of the Barangay as a whole community.
     Barangay Alijis is one of the best and most progressive Barangay in Bacolod City. The Barangay can be found in the Southern part of Bacolod City and has  land area of 360.4476 hectares with a population of 15,771 these composed of 2,628 households. There are now 29 Puroks in Barangay Alijis wherein 30% is the unemployment rate since most of the households are working and 25% of the households are now squatting. Crimes are not much of a problem in Barangay Alijis.
     An agricultural area gradually improves and develops into an Industrial site. Soon it will be known not only with its Shrine but also with the opening  of FOOD TERMINAL and SOUTH BOUND TERMINAL wherein most of the constituents look forward for the job opportunities it can offer.

     BARANGAY ALIJIS is a thriving rural barangay in Bacolod City. Hailed as one of the best Barangay of Bacolod. Alijis boasts of its glorious pasts.
     The named Alijis was taken form the word “AGIHIS”, a shell used to abound in the area. During the Spanish Era, Spaniard found it hard to pronounce “Agihis”, was formed. Through the years, the name alijis was used by the folk and adopted as the name of the place up to the present.
     In accordance with section 3 of republic Act 2264, the City Council of Bacolod has the power to create barrios within its territorial jurisdiction and defined its boundaries.
     It was April 5 of the year 1962 when the honorable City Mayor transmitted his first endorsement to the City Council of Bacolod a map prepared by the City Engineer, which contains and indicate therein the different boundaries of the proposed barrios. It was then that ORDINANCE NO. 116; series of 1962 was approved and shall take effect on the first day of May.
     The first concrete road was two kilometers long from the high-way but it served as the barangay’s main road and access road for cargo vehicles going to Murcia.
     It was only 3rd quarter of 1994 when things began to change for Barangay Alijis. The newly elected Barangay Officials to change Alijis for a better Barangay. As years go by, Barangay Alijis is known not only to Bacolenos but also to the other provinces and countries because of the St. Jude Thaddeus Shrine which was constructed the year 1995.

     Barangay Alijis is located at he southern part of Bacolod City, which a total land area of 360.4476 hectares. It is composed of 27 puroks. It is also as one of the Industrial sites in Bacolod City. Almost 70 % of the agricultural area was gradually converted into residential area.
     Barangay Alijis is four kilometers away from the heart of the City. It has the land area of 360.4476 hectares.  It  is  surrounded  by  the  five  Barangays. Bounded in the south by Barangay Taculing, by Barangay Mansilingan in the north, East by Barangay Handumanan, and Tangub in the south and by Singcang in the west.

     Barangay Alijis started to boost in the year 1994 when new set of Barangay Officials were elected and ready to change Barangay Alijis into a better one and make it well-known over the place and even abroad. It only had a few hundred residents 15 years ago because the place was not yet developed but not until 1995 of which population increased gradually and totaled to 15, 771 people, comprising of 2,628 household of with 6,054 voters. Barangay Alijis has twenty-seven puroks.

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